JummBox 2.4 Patch Notes

1. Overview

JummBox 2.4 adds some popular but minor features such as aliasing from old BeepBox/ModBox, and custom FM waves first introduced in Aury system's GoldBox.

2. Patch Notes

3. Aliasing

You can find the aliasing tick box for chip, pwm, and custom chip instrument types under the Transition dropdown.

Aliasing is generally a negative side effect in audio, and in BeepBox 3.0/JummBox 1.3 an anti-aliasing strategy was introduced to combat it. This had the side effect of changing how songs sounded - and whether it was for the better or worse was case-by-case and based on style and subjectivity. In light of that fact, now aliasing is an option.

With aliasing ticked, strange noises arise when trying to encode higher frequencies into a fixed sample rate. This is comparable to the 'mosaic' effect seen in low resolution pictures. You can hear this effect best at high pitches and/or during pitch bends. However some amount of 'roughness' is audible almost always with aliasing turned on.

This setting is often associated with ModBox and chip music in general since it lends a quality that can be desirable to the sound. I recommend you try it out.

Old BeepBox and JummBox song links from before the big change will now attempt to use aliasing again. Try it out on some old stuff and let me know if it sounds like you remember it! :D Note that you need a true old link though, if you already opened it in a new version and saved the link the magic trick won't work. You can manually go in and add the aliasing to all chip instruments though.

(Also, this setting would make more sense under an 'effects' dropdown, but I foresee the layout changing more in the future so I've shoehorned it in here for now...)

4. Custom FM Waves

This feature was almost entirely ported from GoldBox, so thanks to Aury system for that :) I look forward to more cool stuff from them!

You can find custom FM settings under a little dropdown next to each FM operator. By changing these waveforms, you can change how an FM instrument sounds dramatically. This works for both carriers and modulators. The best thing to do is experiment.

Note that the pulse width setting comes with a (currently un-modulate-able) slider that has the following ticks, in order:

That's it, later! Back to waiting to see if Devious took my lunch money...


These are patch notes for the online song creation tool JummBox. Click the link to learn more.

Created by jummbus. The source code is here. MIT license.