JummBox 2.3 Patch Notes

1. Overview

JummBox 2.3 increases the maximum chord size, and adds new transition options to remove seamless 'clicks' or tie notes over bars. A few bugfixes and minor changes were made as well.

2. Patch Notes

3. Chord Size

Not much to say here, the maximum chord size used to be 4 and now it is 9.

Note that I did not touch the FM synthesis strategy at all, so that is still limited to 4 input tones maximum. Most usual FM stuff will work like you'd expect though.

By the way, you may ask "Why is it 9 instead of 8 (or 10, or ...)?" Well, because of how this change was optimized, 9 ended up being a breakpoint for storage size. Efficiency wins out again, symmetry be damned!

Don't take your chord building advice from the patch notes...

4. Transition Settings

You hopefully know the drill by now. The transition settings are hiding under a little triangle-button dropdown.

These settings let you fine-tune how your note transitions to other notes, or across bars.

4.1. Tie Over Bars

This long-awaited option makes your instrument try to "tie over" its notes into the next bar, so that you won't hear the note re-starting even if you have a hard transition, delayed vibrato, or a fading filter.

For this setting to work its magic, make sure you have a note at the very end of one bar and then another at the very start of the next. Also make sure they are the same volume end-to-end, and same for the pitch (for chords, the whole chord has to match).

Note that this setting should work with "next bar" modulators too. For the most consistent results, end your notes right when the "next bar" is set to happen.

Below are some examples of when the tie will and won't happen (an X means that you will hear two distinct notes sounding, like JummBox usually does it).

Notes have to be placed end-to-end across bars.

Pitch bends are OK, but the notes have to have the same pitch across the bar (they have to touch).

The chord size and placement of notes needs to match. (The strum order DOESN'T need to match.)

The volume has to be the same at the end and start of the bar.

4.2. Clickless

With this setting ticked, JummBox will try to avoid making any "click" noises caused by sudden changes in volume. This sound is noticeable especially with seamless instruments. Note that clicking from multiple instruments interacting can still happen.

That's it. Enjoy!


These are patch notes for the online song creation tool JummBox. Click the link to learn more.

Created by jummbus. The source code is here. MIT license.