JummBox 2.1 Patch Notes

1. Overview

JummBox 2.1 is a minor update mostly for further improvements to ease-of-use. The ability to reorder and rename channels was added, alongside a playback volume bar and settings to fine-tune how louder and quieter parts of your song will sound.

Without further ado, here are the patch notes.

2. Patch Notes

3.1 Limiter Settings

So, let's talk about the limiter.

A limiter is a device that starts reducing the volume of audio if it gets too loud. This is to prevent your speakers from trying to play very loud sounds, which often leads to audio distortion because there are physical limits on how loud a speaker can get. JummBox (and BeepBox) has a limiter that keeps your song from getting too loud. It also has a compressor, a device which does the opposite and boosts up really quiet sounds in your song.

While the limiter/compressor in JummBox are generally helpful, they can have drawbacks. It's possible that too much volume boosting can make a part that should be quiet ear-splitting, and too much limiting may cause audio distortion as the limiter throttles the whole song volume to normalize out one loud part.

The best time to use the limiter in JummBox is actually only when needed, if you notice unwanted volume boosting or cutoff. It's also useful after your song is done to fine-tune the sound and get it to the right volume to be in line with audio standards. You can do just fine without ever touching the limiter, but it is there when needed.

Now let's take a look at the limiter menu. You can get there under "Limiter Settings..." in the Edit menu, or by pressing Shift-L.

It looks a bit intimidating, but let's just go from top to bottom and I will explain what each part does.

3.2 Channel Dropdown

You can access the channel dropdown by clicking one of the small numbers next to a channel. Be sure you have the "Enable Channel Muting" setting enabled, or you won't be able to see this!

The options in the menu are pretty self-explanatory, here's an image of them and then I'll just mention a few things worth noting below.

That's it, so long until next time \o/


These are patch notes for the online song creation tool JummBox. Click the link to learn more.

Created by jummbus. The source code is here. MIT license.